“The Service”

What is Lofiistudios?

A creative studio founded in 2019 by the artist @Savii. “Living, Open-minded, Frees, Imagination & Insight” a reminder for when creativity and communication becomes stagnant. The name came to me while listening to lo-fi beats💧

What service do you provide? 

A curated directory and resource center for Tastemakers 🌱

Who are the Tastemakers? 

Tastemakers are unique individuals that naturally understand what the journey is all about, striving for meaningful impacts while consistently setting the standard for what’s hot around the world big or small in any field. If you feel like a master creative of your artistic craft, skill, or brand and are actively making steps toward growth, then you should get listed here. The directory is set up so people can find you and support you. The resource page features a bunch of free information and educational content, tools and guides produced either in-house or by a third party website or content creator 🌱

How do i determine if i am ready to sign up?

If you have an active social media page with dope content then you’re ready. If you have an email address + contact so people can reach you then your ready 🌱

Need To Talk?

Whether you’re an emerging or established creative entrepreneur, first fill out the service form, then choose a subscription that works best for your budget 🌟

Consultations: Text “Lo-Fidelity” To ( 470-884-0349 ) Or Call Anytime Mon - Fri From 12pm -6pm est.

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