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“The Artist”

Hey Sav checking in,


Here is what i learned so far.


Fun comes in waves, art comes in waves, the process comes in waves. I have to create a world I don’t mind having to close my eyes from. Not because of fear, or doubt, or magic, or disease but because I’m genuinely curious about where this could go. My teacher told me, “ If it feels right in hear, don’t worry about what happens out there. ”

Vision Statement -  All successful artists have found balance. I achieved balance by creating a disciplined mindset and a set of systems to maintain that mindset. I want to pass on an empowering message of how using discipline can help any artist achieve balance. Balance for me is good health and the freedom to create when that divine signal comes. Each artist will have their own concept of what true balance looks like and that’s okay!

Food For Thought

1. My purpose?

To serve, might as well do it using my talents and gifts.


2. Why do i create art?

Because i like art.


3. Who do i want to influence?

The natural born self-taught artist mainly.


4. What do you want to be known for?

Creating specialized event spaces that teach balance using discipline. 


5. How do you see the world changing because of your impact?

I see kids staying motivated and confident longer to pursue goals and dreams. I see less stressful kids more art communities being built, i see an era where artist are in more demand. I see better systems put in place for artist to thrive, i see better schooling systems. I see better financial systems. I see healing overall.


~ A timeless update for you all.